The importance of composition in landscape photography

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Composition in landscape photography is challenging because the subjects are most often static, and they cannot be moved around to suit you composition idea. Furthermore in landscape photography you cannot move or adjust the light yourself.

Because of this you have to plan ahead when shooting landscape. At least you have to if you intend to shoot great photos that will get attention from viewers. With regards the light you have to learn when the light is at its best for photography, and you have to shoot at the best times.

Due to the limitations, composition in landscape photography relies on using different techniques and tools to help you get most out of your composition.

One of these techniques is to move yourself to get a different perspective. Beginners often shoot from the first point of view they see and often with the camera from eye level. Most times this will not give you the best composition and result in a less pleasing photo.

Another common technique used in landscape photography to give the photo depth and dimension is to compose with a strong foreground to background.

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