Ten tips for taking incredible F1 photographs

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When I was a young F1 fan I would flip through the pages of F1 magazines and gaze in the wonder at the beauty of Formula One through the stunning photographs from tracks all over the world.

I would flip from page to page and stare at the raw power of the cars, the color and blur of some of the more artistic photos, and the portraits which revealed a driver’s character more than their talent.

Photography is how I came to fall in love with Formula One and car racing in general. Photographing race cars, including F1 cars, is now how I make a living. And many of the people who took those photos I now call colleagues – even friends.

This article is not an blueprint for becoming a professional motorsport photographer. There is no set path to follow or system which works every time. Myself and each of my colleagues that cover motorsport for a living arrived here in very different ways. What does work is making unique photos that show your passion for the sport in all its beauty.

One thing I love about photography, and motorsport photography in particular, is that no matter what, if you give 20 different people the same camera and lens options, and walk us all to one place, you’re going to get 20 very different photographs. No artist is the same. No one shoots a scene the same way. The framing will be different. The shutter speed, the aperture, the details or highlights will all be different.

So whether you’re seeking how to become a professional motor racing photography or simply want to get the best snaps from your next race visit, here are my top tips for creating photographs you’ll be proud of.

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