Street Photography Ethics and Respect

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I’m not saying he deserved to get beaten up, but I’m not surprised either (you’d know if you’ve ever spent a night in Glasgow).

 London Street Photography

I think it’s important to question your work and how you go about it once in a while, call it a reality check. It’s the best way to improve.

So recently I have been looking at my own street photography, or some of the shots I got. I’ve been feeling like it’s not always been as honest as I wish it’d been. Street photographers need to sometimes stop and rethink their whole approach. At least pause and look at their approach as it’s easy to get too carried away chasing the shots over and over again.

I have never been one to shoot the homeless, harass someone shooting 40 photos of them through a coffee shop window or one to use a flash and fire it in people’s faces without notice. It’s just not something I can relate to. I would hope people who know me describe me as a caring guy, not one who takes pleasure or gets a rush at pissing people off.

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