Nature Photography Composition Tips – Getting Balance in Your Nature Photos

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On the right I was closer to the information board and used a very wide-angle lens setting. This made the bridge too small in the distance. It also made the information center too dominant in the photo and included less of the surrounding beautiful nature area.

When you are practicing your nature photography composition techniques, remember to try a few different perspectives to change what is emphasized in your photos.

Using the right perspective includes picking the right camera format, vertical or horizontal.

In this view of the White Clay Creek from the Tri-Valley bridge, I captured the reflection of the sky in the water. This vertical format included a large area of water and the reflection of the white overcast sky.

This area of water and reflection dominates the photo and really isn’t interesting enough to dedicate to 2/3 of the area in the photo.Look what happened when I turned my camera to a horizontal position and moved to the side of the bridge.

Not an award winner, but a whole lot better composition than the vertical.

Now I have more balance between the water and the foliage. The rule of thirds in photography works here quite well.

Also, the diagonal, leading lines work much better here as well. Generally I don’t consciously think about these nature photography composition tips as I shoot, because they’ve become second nature (no pun intended) to me.

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