Nature Photography Composition Tips – Getting Balance in Your Nature Photos

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You can improve your nature photography composition by starting with ugly subject! What, I know what you’re thinking. Why would you want to photograph an unattractive nature subject.

Balanced composition
Equal “weight” side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

The photo above was taken during a weeklong photo excursion to coastal Maine. It’s a photographer’s paradise in terms of subject matter and it’s easy to just start clicking away without putting a little thought into creating your image. I wanted to succeed at making a good square composition to use for a post on Instagram. I composed this image using several different slight variations and came up with this one as being balanced, while still including the sunrise, the ocean, the waves, and the rocks.

And now for the flipside. I included the unusual nature photo below in this article on nature photography for a reason. I am guessing that you would agree it’s not what you’d call a great nature photograph. I agree.

Unusual nature photography composition

It’s so common to see beautiful subjects used as examples in articles on photography composition. It’s easy to be misled to thinking that finding great subjects is the only key to great photography.

Practice good technique in all the photographs you take. You can challenge yourself by photographing ordinary or unattractive objects in an interesting way. 

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