Landscape Photography: The Real Secrets Behind the Lens

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Have you ever been blown away by an image?

Ever wondered how on earth it was done? You may come to the conclusion that it’s down to computer trickery and sometimes that’s true.

But the real good stuff comes from hard work developing an understanding of the place. It’s a connection that all photographers share but rarely do a good job of communicating. So read on and see what our resident landscape artist David Russell has to say about Landscape Photography: The Real Secrets Behind the Lens.

When I’m not guiding or working in the Wilderness Scotland office you will find me outside with my camera. You could say I have a passion for photography but it isn’t strictly true. What I have a passion for is the Landscape itself. Photography is just one way to grow closer to it, the same as CanoeingWalking, Bushcraft, Mountaineering. It’s the connection that matters, not the activity. Understanding that took me a long time and a lot of emotional and mental sweat.

I love landscape photography because it gives me a chance to interpret that connection to the wild places and show people how special it is. I think of myself as a communicator rather than a photographer. The better the image the better it does its job of sharing something special with other people. So I really care about practical ways to make those pictures ‘better’.

So this is not a list of technical settings and composition rules. It’s about making a real, positive difference and acknowledging that there is no quick easy way to be a better photographer. It’s a journey.

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