How to Capture Stunning Fine Art Landscape Photography

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When we’re in a landscape, we see it in colour. Black and white photography strips away the colour, leaving the bare bones. The features of the landscap, such as rocks, trees and mountains, become compositional elements made up of light, texture and tonal contrast. Black and white is beautiful. The photo becomes an interpretation, rather than a literal representation, of the landscape. We’re seeing the artist’s personal vision, and emotional response to the landscape, as well as the place itself.

It’s a harsh fact that most of us aren’t fortunate enough to live in the world’s most beautiful landscapes. The upside is that we get to travel to these places on our holidays and, once there, we have the advantage of seeing the location through fresh eyes.

I’ll never forget my first trip to the Andes, travelling through remote towns and villages and mountain valleys. It was so spectacular and creatively stimulating, that I took hundreds of photos. The memories of this experience will remain with me forever. This is one of the landscapes that I took on that journey:

fine art landscape photography

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