Hauntingly beautiful underwater sculpture will help save coral reef near Indonesia

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The island, which has a permanent population of just 500 people, is known for its turtle population and its ecosystem. With its delicate environment, the sculpture is made from a pH neutral, environmental-grade concrete and based on casts of real people. It is set up to become a home for corals, and according to a statement, within a year the ocean will turn it into a reef and will continue to grow over time.

“First and foremost Nest is an environmental space. The figures are arranged in a circular formation as an echo of the circle of life, and they will soon teem with life. Soft corals and sponges should flourish quickly paving the way for delicate hard corals and a fully established reef”, said deCaires Taylor in a statement.

“But Nest is also a bridge between the human and marine worlds. It’s accessible to anyone and is just a short swim from a beach open to all. I hope people will visit it both as a piece of art and as an entrance point to the underwater world”. He also notes that 40% of the world’s coral reefs have been lost in recent decades and hopes that the piece will remind people of the fragility of the incredible life forms. By Alex Butler

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