Hauntingly beautiful underwater sculpture will help save coral reef near Indonesia

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A new underwater sculpture in Indonesia will take divers to a hauntingly beautiful place below the surface, where human figures will slowly become a coral reef.

Depicting a circle of 48 life-size figures, standing together and curled up on the ground, the piece is expected to become covered in coral, making it a destination for divers to explore off the coast of the small island of Gili Meno between Bali and Lombok.

The piece was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, a well-known underwater sculptor. His sculptures are found in places like the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and even in the Thames in his home country of Britain. The man-made reef has been placed in shallow water off a beach in Indonesia – and within swimming distance from a soon-to-be-completed beach club at BASK Gili Meno. BASK is a luxury resort that will be completed in 2019, which will have 87 villas.

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