10 Most Important Lessons About Street Photography

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2. How To Become A Ninja

One of the biggest obstacles in street photography is getting “caught.” I mean, you are capturing random strangers. I remember my first months of shooting where I always got an adrenaline kick when I was about to take a photo. But after a while, I developed certain techniques that spare you the embarrassment 99% of the time. One thing I always do is when I take a photo of someone and they look at me afterwards, I just look into the distance where they were walking with squinted eyes and act like I screwed up the first shot and take another. I do a couple of steps forward and to the side as though I’m trying to get a better picture of the background behind them. They may look back once, but then mind their own business. Never forget: no one (except for celebrities) expects that they might be that interesting that someone would take a photo of them.

Another strategy is playing the super pro. Just act like you damn well know what you are doing and that this is serious business. People will get the idea that you’re from the newspaper or doing a project and won’t interfere with you. You seem way too busy and focused. In touristy places, just act like a moron tourist and they won’t mind.

Another great way to become a ninja is to act like you’re taking a video of the scenery. Move your camera up and down and to the side and you are usually good to go. It all depends on the scenery though. This works better in the city than in a dark alley. On top of that, always try to wear dark clothes or look as boring as possible. Furthermore, blend in with the crowd. Don’t be that statue in the middle.

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